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Moomken means Possible

we believe that everything is possible for those with a dream, plan and determination.

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Numbers are Based on Data Collected From 2021 Only.


We are aiming to become a platform for creative and active youth in Libya to innovate in the field of media and awareness on a civil society level and bring forward creative and inspiring ideas that would add value to the community, through providing an environment that thrives for excellence and distinction.

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Moomken has widen its horizons and raised their ambition by working on different aspects with international actors in Libya.




Towards Locally Led Stabilization and Reconciliation in Libya

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In partnership with USIP,…


We Are Libyans
Peacebuilding in Libya
Hankamel Taleem | Online Education

NGOs Annual Expo.

What Our Employees Say

“To Me, 2021 Was A Better Year Than Previous Years In Terms Of Projects Diversity Undertaking Awareness-Raising and Development Projects for Adolescents Under The Age Of 18 Expanding Throughout The Country. Through This Year I Had the Opportunity of Conducting Training for the First Time to Mopi Trainees.”

Fatima AlkadikyArt Director

“Despite Being a New Addition to Momekn’s Staff; I Must Say It Was a Very Fun Ride. Working On Different Projects Concerned With the Libyan Context, Each With Its Own Perception and Approach Was Quit the Experience, Hopefully 2022 and All the Following Years Will Be Filled With Achievements and Productivity.”

Ayah AlbibasSocial Media Manager

“As a Moomken employee, 2021 was a busy and fruitful year for me. I acquired a lot of experience by working in several positions, as I worked as a WFP hotline operator, an operator in the CFM call center, an mVAM supervisor at the TPM office, and finally as a supervisor for the CFM call center. I learned and gained multiple expertise such as reporting, data analysis, and more. I aspire to get more involved in the organization's projects and further evolve my skills in 2022.”

Weam ElshwehdiCFM Call Centre Supervisor

“As A Cfm Operator Who Started Working At Moomken For About 6 Months, I Noticed a Remarkable Development in Many Aspects of My Personal and Practical Skills Such as Solving Problems and Communication Skills. Working In Tawasul Hotline Made Me Composed And Articulate Which Is Required in the Field of Humanitarian Assistance”

Mubasher AlmasilatyCFM Call Centre Operator

“Moomken Was And Continues To Be A Great Place For Me To Expand My Network And Meet Talented People. As A Cfm Operator, I Was Able To Improve My Soft Skills Such as Communication, Listening, Adaptation, and Compromising, As Well As Empathy. Moomken Also Provided Us With A Skilled Mentor, Mr. Ben Hamza Who Helped Us Enhance Our Problem Solving Skills, Teamwork, Compose More Professional Emails, and More. Overall, Moomken Has Provided Me With Invaluable Experience.”

Asil HammoudehCFM Call Centre Operator