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The project is aimed at increasing awareness among young people in Libya about safe mobility, with a focus on walking safely to school and crossing roads safely. The project targets 40 schools in Tripoli and aims to directly benefit 2000 children from primary and high schools. The project also seeks to indirectly benefit teachers, parents, and community members.

Main goals

The main goals of the project are to increase awareness among young people about safe mobility, motivate them to create a poster to compete in a local competition between the 40 schools the winning after that the winning poster will become the safe mobility ambassador to compete in VIA International competition.

Stages and Current Step

The project consists of several stages, including a TOT training program for 20 future trainers, a pilot session for 25 young people, awareness sessions for 2000 young people on safe mobility, a national competition, and VIA international competition.

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Difficulty in communicating with municipalities to obtain permission for the campaign.

  • Coordination with schools is challenging due to the end of the academic year approaching.
  • Some school principals may be hesitant to participate in the campaign due to past negative experiences with other organizations.
  • Ensuring that highly competent trainers are selected to effectively deliver the campaign’s message to students.
  • The campaign’s progress has been adversely affected by the lack of coordination between the activity office in the municipality and the nominated schools, resulting in delays.