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Developing The Capacities Of Young Community Leadership

The main objective of the project to develop the capacities of young community leadership in the field of peace building in the West Coast region – Libya is to rehabilitate 15 young men from the regions of the West Coast, which are cities: (Al-Jamil, Ajilat, Zuwara, Raqdalin, and Zaltan) and empower them in the field of peace building in several areas such as training and management Dialogue sessions, focus sessions, and work to follow up the early warning system for conflict in the region, by activating the Pioneers of Peace Network, which the Mayan organization is working on for awareness and information at the present time.

Resolving The land-based Conflict Between Al-Sa’an and Nalut regions

The community dialogue initiative that it is intended to launch aims to find a common ground for setting up a mechanism for resolving the land-based conflict in the Al-Sa’an and Nalut regions, and to work with the official authorities and councils in the two regions and social leaders to ensure community peace and coexistence between the people of the same nation.

Communication Committee Between The Municipalities of Baten al-Jabal (Al-Sayan) and Nalut

this project comes to train the committee’s team from the two parties, qualify them and enable them to play a role in the communication process and ensure the delivery of information and data that contribute to the delivery of services to citizens and to create a reliable communication channel to avoid any sensitivity to a conflict that may arise due to the lack of information or rumors between / about the parties.

Municipal Development Program in the Context of Mixed Migration in Libya

GIZ intends to conduct rapid contextual analyzes in partner municipalities with the aim of assessing conflict potential as well as security and operational risks. The overall objective of the analysis is to provide results related to different measures of sensitivity of the social context within the target municipalities. The analysis should examine the social peace context in each community as well as the resources that exist to manage challenges in the context of social peace. The analysis should focus specifically on municipal perceptions of the impact of migration on the context of social peace and on the greatest protection needs within a community.

Workshops targeting 10 people each

Youth Peacebuilding

The project Communicating with reconciliation committees and municipal councils in the target areas and introducing the project, and we will ask them to nominate, recommendations and self-presentation of the targeted youth from the training course, Moomken will conduct interviews for proposed youth to attend the online training course on dialogue, reconciliation, conflict analysis and dialogue facilitation, after the participants returning to their cities they will and hold workshops with their local community, local leaders and decision makers with three (5) workshops targeting 10 people each, after the end of meeting at we will conduct another meeting with trainees to discuss developments in the project to discuss strengths and weaknesses also how to proceed and target larger segments of communities to talk about conflicts and build the idea of peace in the minds of society, the result of workshops will be used to launching a media campaign to encourage young adults to join civil work to work more on peacebuilding, social cohesions. In the end of the project we will honoring the trainees and launching a youth network for reconciliation.