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Hankamel Taleem It is a campaign launched in March 2020.When the outbreak of the new Corona virus pandemic, which led to the stoppage of the educational process in the country, by spreading the importance of e-learning and the extent of its contribution to completing the educational process inside the country during this period.

The Moomken team worked on producing a large group of educational videos for different stages of the educational years, in a professional and high-quality in order, to enhance the educational capabilities of students through their follow-up mechanisms of self-education and with the help of a group of expert’s teachers.

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Hankamel Taleem It is the first step for the Libyan open E-learning project which started its idea since 2018, where Moomken organization in cooperation with a number of initiatives to collect some experience in this area with regard to the Libyan framework; it first step was to create a training and development educational platform called MOCS; Hence the idea of taking advantage of this platform to make it provide educational lessons for primary, preparatory, and secondary education students; This was done by opening a special platform to provide educational curricula for levels of education from the third primary to the third secondary levels, in both literary and scientific aspects, on the primary platform, which was called and which bears the name “Hankamel Taleem”.

We seek through a Hankamel Taleem platform to spread the benefits of E-learning in Libya, and make optimal use of them to improve the quality of educational outcomes and educational attainment of students, will work to make the platform updated periodically by providing comprehensive new lessons for all modern educational curricula followed by the Ministry of Education, Providing interactive aspects to make the quotas more useful to visitors and registrants of the platform; Direct communication channels will be opened between teachers and students during the viewing of lessons, monitoring the progress of registered students and assessing their achievement in learning. Finally, the platform will contribute to help parents to track and evaluate their children and reduce the expenses of private teachers.