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Reyda Entrepreneurship Academy is one of the projects of the Moomken Organization that was launched in early July 2020 with the support of the International Organization for Migration (IOM). Within the projects supporting livelihoods in different cities of Libya. As this project targeted two cities in southern Libya, Sabha and Qatroun.




One of Moomken’s goal is to help entrepreneurs develop self-learning skills through tools such as the proposed e-learning system that will be developed through this program. This will allow them to have access to a wide array of business learning opportunities even after finishing Moomken trainings. This would help not only program participants, but others in their communities as well as they share their knowledge and the learning platform with others to spread the entrepreneurial spirit. Moomken believes that the increase in individually owned small businesses will also help create job opportunities for IDPs and migrants in these communities with significant amounts of these populations.
The third day began with a discussion on the barriers to youth engagement, The moderator explained the concept of strategic planning, and explained specific political planning was applied in the area of each participant. Participants made recommendations to decision-makers, civil society organizations, and local organizations at the end of the day.



According to, as of July 2019 around 73% of private sector jobs opportunities are based in Tripoli and around 12% in Benghazi, leaving somewhat limited job opportunities throughout the rest of the country. This project therefore aims to help people interested in business from around Libya, specifically from Sabha and Qatroun, learn how to establish new businesses and to provide them with assistance as they return to their municipalities to start their businesses. This project will also address the need for more inclusive business opportunities in Sabha and Qatroun and develop needed entrepreneurial skills to strengthen participants’ knowledge of business in order to meet today’s market challenges.