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Sawab Project

In the rapidly advancing era of information technology and communication, news and data flow at an overwhelming speed, creating significant challenges in verifying their accuracy and credibility. Like many communities worldwide, Libyan society faces this challenge acutely due to the increasing spread of misinformation and fake news. To address this urgent need, the Sawab project was established as an effective response aimed at enhancing media literacy and empowering individuals to responsibly and critically handle information.



The Sawab project was founded in response to the growing challenges faced by Libyan communities in the digital information age. The project aims to equip citizens with the tools and knowledge necessary to distinguish between accurate and misleading information through a variety of educational programs and initiatives. These include educational workshops, digital awareness campaigns, and interactive platforms that facilitate discussion and experience exchange. At the heart of the Sawab project lies a deep commitment to enhancing media literacy and combating misinformation in Libya.


The Sawab project covers a wide range of activities and initiatives designed to promote media literacy in Libya. These activities include:

– Educational Workshops: Providing Training of Trainers (TOT) courses and workshops that aim to prepare NGOs to become trainers themselves. These workshops are designed to teach individuals how to critically evaluate information and are intended to spread awareness on a national level by enabling NGOs to conduct their own workshops across Libya.

– Awareness Campaigns: Launching campaigns on social media and digital platforms to raise awareness about the dangers of misinformation and the importance of source verification.

– Interactive Platforms: Developing interactive platforms that allow individuals to engage in discussions and share experiences on how to handle news and information.

– Media Skills Enhancement: Offering resources and tools to help individuals develop their skills in fact-checking and information analysis.

Through these activities, the Sawab project aims to create a more informed and responsible media environment capable of addressing misinformation and fostering constructive dialogue in Libyan society.

Sawab in Statistics

The Sawab project has made significant strides in raising awareness and educating the public about the dangers of misinformation creating an engaging and educational atmosphere for visitors. These events provided an exciting journey for attendees to learn about verifying information and identifying false and misleading news. Alongside these engaging activities, Sawab offered numerous opportunities for interaction and dialogue with experts in the field of fact-checking, resulting in highly fruitful discussions.

The impact of these efforts is evident in the impressive statistics:

· Over 2000 Visitors: More than 2000 people attended Sawab’s events, reflecting the project’s wide reach and appeal.

· Over 2400 Community Members: The Sawab community has grown to over 2400 members, who actively participate in and support the mission of promoting accurate information and have become part of a community that values knowledge and fights misinformation

· Over 300 Training Courses: Sawab has conducted over 300 training courses, providing rich educational content and opportunities for participants to engage, ask questions, and share experiences.

· Over 5600 Trainees: In 2023 alone, Sawab has trained 5629 individuals, equipping them with the skills to discern between true and false information and to detect misinformation on social media platforms.

Looking ahead, Sawab aims to train an additional 15,000 individuals in its upcoming phases. And make each trained individual becomes a source of spreading awareness within their community, contributing to a society that is better equipped to distinguish between real and fake information.



The Sawab project not only provides the necessary knowledge and tools to handle information but also extends to understanding the real impact of misinformation on Libyan society. Through in-depth studies and analyses, we strive to assess how this information affects individuals and the community as a whole.

Moreover, we are developing and implementing new strategies and educational programs that focus on media literacy and critical thinking. Our goal is to build a more aware and capable society that can combat false and misleading information and promote proper digital behavior.

Sawab aims to create a more conscious and responsible community, capable of meeting modern media challenges and enhancing critical and constructive media culture in Libya.