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In collaboration with The United Nations Development Programme,(UNDP); The project (Youth and Peace Building) aims to build a positive peace among all the groups in the city of Sabha, and to engage them in the decision-making process especially within the municipal committee, in order to achieve that goal, Moomken communicated with the municipal councils in Sabha to demonstrate the project goals, and asked them to recommend a list of the active groups in the area. In a parallel procedure.

the project team called all the active individuals in the targeted groups (Women, Youth, IDPs, migrants and disabled people to apply for the program through the e-form that was published via all Moomken’s online platforms and based on the selection criteria; 30 applicants were selected to attend the Online training on: Facilitation skills, Dialogue and its role in Peacebuilding, and Conflict survey and analysis.


Afterward, there was an assessment phase in which the project team evaluated the trainees in order to select 10 of them to attend six days of in-person training workshops on advocacy, conflict mapping using the MSTC tool, and dialogue sessions facilitation. Following the in-person training that the participants had received on the three topics concerning Peacebuilding, each participant presented ideas of mini-activities they had prepared as a result of the knowledge gained.

What did we do?

The project team worked hand in hand with every participant to organize their proposed initiatives, aiding them with the financial knowledge and the templates needed to carry out the activities. At the end of September 2022, a total eight of micro-activities were conducted in Sabha, with three of the participants forming a collaboration to implement their activity.

Project challenges

Security issues breaking out a day before the arrival of the participants from Sabha to Tripoli, which made it difficult for them to arrive early and caused them to change routes. However, project team was in constant communication at the time to make sure they arrive safely.

  1. Booking flights for the participants to make their departure. half of the participants took road transport considering their previous complaint that the road was tiresome due to the distance between the two cities.
  2.  One of the selected participants got sick and couldn’t attend at the last minute. Project team has contacted the next candidate to reach the target of ten participants.
  3. The project budget did not cover the companions’ transportation fees for female participants, Moomken had covered the expanses along with the accommodation fees to ensure the participations of all selected participants.