Sexual harassment is a serious social problem with consequences that reach out to all the different sides of the Libyan society and this phenomenon has many aspects, some of which are based on a social dimension, some of which are relevant to ones psychology, some of which are based on a legal dimension, some of which are related to the religious dimension, prompting us to address this phenomenon in many ways in order to reach a conclusion on whether this phenomenon actually affects the Libyan society, the length of its prevalence and aggravation within the Libyan society and lastly the motives and causes of this phenomenon.

Moomken organization set up three workshops to address the phenomenon from various faces, and by cultural specialist from different backgrounds. The first workshop was a gathering of a number of civil society organizations from both genders to address this phenomenon, while the second workshop was with the Bar Association to address the phenomenon of harassment from a legal dimension, while the third workshop was with a group of female leaders, due to the fact that the phenomenon of harassment mainly and greatly affects women directly.